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A psychic reading is a modern description of the ancient practice of divination.

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When the body (physical, mental/emotional) goes through stress of any kind.

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Peace. Harmony. Tranquility. Stability and Pacification.

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An expert doing psychic readings in the form of tarot since 2014 can also read through cards, runes, crystals and work with numerology. Along with being internationally certified in the courses as an Access Bar Facilitation and Creative Visualisation, she performs energy healing with being a life coach and mentor which has aided numerous clients of health and mental ills. Recently she has created her own tarot deck THE MAGICIAN’S TAROT which is channelised from Master Merlin .Her articles have been printed in national newspapers and has an online tarot reading credit in national news website.Her accomplishment of meditatationg for 200 days for 3 hours daily has paved her way to awesome spiritual growth and unlimited oppurtunites.

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Tarot Card Reading

Tarot is one of the oldest forms of fortune- telling

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Runes Reading

Rune stones, (sometimes cards), are used as tools

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The study of your birth chart and its revealation

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Realm Reading

Want to know what is your life purpose

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Access Bars Healing

The Access Bars are 32 bars of energy that run

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During hypnosis, a person is said to have

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MTVSS is one of the oldest of the many amazing Access

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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique

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Client Tells

Hi Puja
I came to know about you when I was aspiring for CA. I was giving exams but results were not showing up I struggled to a get a good job.. I went to get a bars session from you and changed my life completely.. I got a call from a company and also cleared my CA in the following attempt .. it was like a dream come true.. thanks a lot .. and I have also learned bars classes and I practice it everyday.. it gives me strength and positivity will be looking forward to learn more in this spiritual field .. and at last I would just like to say
“One belief changes your life” we can manifest anything in life through changing our thoughts !!
Thanks and regards

CA Ankita Tibrewal

I would just say that you have been one of the best possibilities that have happened to me after i learned bars. 16 swaps would not have been possible without you. You just showed up in my life as magic when i wanted someone to swap my bars with. Not just that…with each bars swap session, things just started showing up just the way i wanted. Your posts on spiritual café page on FACEBOOK is the first thing that i read every morning and it instills so much positivity in me to start my day with. I have diligently followed every spiritual practice for my dream job to show up and it did with the best possible outcome that i could have ever asked for. I would just say that you have played a major role in my life in manifesting my dream job. How did i get so lucky to have found you???
Lots of love and direct dil se…


Hi All, would like to share my experience with Puja Jodhani, she is a very good intuitive healer, her readings are so accurate. I have opted healing sessions from her whenever i was in trouble and needed help. She always helped me and her healing works instantly…
Thank you Puja


We all are so busy in our hectic life schedule that we miss to take care of our own self and development. In the midst of this hustle-bustle I got to Puja who is one of the most genuine human being I have met in my life who through her various whatsapp classes like Switchword, Ganesha manifestation and various other manifestation techniques has really bought a lot of positive changes both in my personal and professional life. I am really grateful and thankful to her for my spiritual development.

Priti Gupta

Raise the Bar !

Raise the Bar….this is what exactly the Access Bars have done to my life.
Since the day I have learnt the lesson of how “All of Life comes to me east and joy and glory”, my life has truly improved in every aspect.
From realization of dreams to better relationships it has helped in all spheres of life.
Stress and Work Pressure is a part of everyday life but what has made the big difference is the way we deal with it and handle the same.
Access Consciousness states “Empowering people to know what they know” has been truly proven correct for me where I feel empowered to know what I know…that I deserve a good and happy life.
The simplest way to bring harmony around us in life and relationships has happened with simple ways of using the Access Bars not only on myself but also on my family and friends…and this ensures that we all progress together with small steps everyday for a better life.

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Award winning Celebrity Author of an International Best seller


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